Getting your PDB name from a running executable (Windows)

Sometimes it’s useful to find the link to the PDB file belonging to your executable. It can be renamed or otherwise unavailable, so you can’t always derive it from the executable name.

If there is a PDB link in the executable, it’s stored in the debug dictionary, which lives in the PE header. Here’s some code (with virtually no error checking) that allows you to peak at that info:

struct PdbInfo
  DWORD     Signature;
  BYTE      Guid[16];
  DWORD     Age;
  char      PdbFileName[1];

int main()
  // Figure out where the executable is mapped in memory.
  uintptr_t base_pointer = (uintptr_t) GetModuleHandle(NULL);

  // This is where the MZ...blah header lives (the DOS header)
  IMAGE_DOS_HEADER* dos_header = (IMAGE_DOS_HEADER*) base_pointer;

  // We want the PE header.
  IMAGE_FILE_HEADER* file_header = (IMAGE_FILE_HEADER*) (base_pointer + dos_header->e_lfanew + 4);

  // Straight after that is the optional header (which technically is optional, but in practice always there.)
  IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER* opt_header = (IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER*) (((char*)file_header) + sizeof(IMAGE_FILE_HEADER));

  // Grab the debug data directory which has an indirection to its data

  // Convert that data to the right type.
  IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY* dbg_dir = (IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY*) (base_pointer + dir->VirtualAddress);

  // Check to see that the data has the right type
  if (IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_CODEVIEW == dbg_dir->Type)
    PdbInfo* pdb_info = (PdbInfo*) (base_pointer + dbg_dir->AddressOfRawData);
    if (0 == memcmp(&pdb_info->Signature, "RSDS", 4))
      printf("PDB path: %s\n", pdb_info->PdbFileName);

  return 0;

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